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  1. chang0blanco

    Easily the biggest influence of my childhood. And one that still influences my personal style

  2. r.p.swirl

    Witchy Poo was incredible!!!!!

  3. robkoski1095

    I always wanted a broom like hers. Love Witchiepoo! 😀

  4. anthony62929

    Kids today have no idea what they missed!!!

  5. mamasyvette93

    Who played witchie poo was ut phyliss diller?

  6. earthwardart

    I actually love this more than I did as a kid, and that's saying something.

  7. fortis_4ever

    Call me weird but I actually used to like this show !

  8. lewisdampier

    Witchiepoo 😍😍😍

  9. jmlm0206

    Billie Hayes played Witchiepoo, as well as Weenie the genie on Lidsville.

  10. djrabiola_art


  11. bionicdave

    A comedy genius, Billie Hayes 🙌🏽

  12. scott.bline

    Never saw this as a kid, but many nights in college were spent watching and wondering WTF after a night at the bar

  13. bubbashelby

    There's a show on now called Mutt n Stuff and HR Puffnstuff has made a couple guest appearances.

  14. freddygrrmezz

    @julessmokesdoinks when the sherm hits

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