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We’re counting down the days until our exhibit Seeing Red: 70 Years of Ferrari closes on May 13th. This 1956 #Ferrari  410 Supererica Series 1 Coupe by Boano is now on display. See it before the exhibit closes! #ferrari410  #thepetersen  —————— Photo:


  1. wyyguyy


  2. saltanicthegreat

    Could you please bring a F40 to the exhibition?

  3. m8tee

    @bobshepard1 we should go check it out!

  4. nsx_guy

    Hey @petersenmuseum will you have the McLaren F1 on display the weekend@of April 19-23?

  5. mpa3000


  6. ziablomac

    Ferrari grill

  7. ktlagayle


  8. kornberg

    Breathtaking exhibit. Thank you @petersenmuseum

  9. pmasoarespt

    Must have ☺👌

  10. eddie_the_fink

    @mista_darko next week fam! We going 🤪👍👌👦🏻

  11. michael_fsu

    My favorite Ferrari

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