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(SOLD) was anyone else unaware of the fact that amethyst can be a zeolite?! it’s known as an ‘indian zeolite amethyst’ you learn something new everyday ☀️ Zeolites are referring to the amount of water inside of the piece. If you tried to heat up a zeolite, it would start to steam, which is where ‘zeolite’ came from. Zeolite actually means boiling, naked through the Greek language. So now that we all have learned a bit more about what makes a zeolite, a zeolite, that’s where we get to the fact that this amethyst has a partial water composition 😱 that’s pretty amazing🌊 Your crown chakra wants to feel this vibrational energy💫 This Amethyst is 1.3 pounds, and is roughly 3 1/2 inches by 3 1/2 inches. This is a standing piece and inside of the crevices of this pieces the crystals have an even more perfect crystallized form. I’m letting this baby go for $47 with free crystals and next day shipping 📦 I just got some blue kyanite, red jasper, and rose quartz in as freebies and i intend on getting more on my trip to a warehouse tomorrow! * be prepared for hundreds of pounds of unique crystals and minerals to be available next week; turn on your post notifications↗️* To adopt this beautiful Amethyst seeking out its life long home, comment sold or dm me💚 • • • • • • • • • #agate  #crystal  #crystals  #quartz  #labradorite  #flash  #mineral  #minerals  #fluorite  #onyx  #citrine  #smokeyquartz  #gemstones  #jasper  #apophyllite  #celestial  #selenite  #petrifiedwood  #metaphysical  #healing  #healingcrystals  #love  #calcite  #dolomite  #smallbusiness  #reiki  #rockhound  #mothernature  #amethyst 


  1. treasurenaturesgem

    This IS gorgeous 😍😍😍

  2. cour.t_

    @mai.flower the more ya know


    Do you go to a warehouse for crystals in NY somewhere? Im trying to find a good warehouse somewhere near me.

  4. mindfulmagicshoppe

    holy cow this beauty is amazing!!

  5. by.emmaline

    Do you have a picture of this in your hands?💜

  6. cher_0614

    Love the formation of the crystals 🤩

  7. jenfox82


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