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252lbs this AM. @teamevilgsp leading me to MASS!!!!!! Oh and shoulder priority training seems to be working!

252lbs this AM. @teamevilgsp leading me to MASS!!!!!! Oh and shoulder priority training seems to be working!


  1. sjjackson2015

    Wow. You are looking so amazing. I have so enjoyed watching all your progress since I first joined the RP family over two years ago!

  2. coachedbycolin

    Steve how to go about prioritising a muscle group? In the simplist terms (IG lol)

  3. caleb_gammon_fanpage

    Hey @rpdrmike quick question if you have a minute! Glycogen depletion - can I deplete as much glycogen doing lower rep squats with a long pause in the bottom compared to higher rep non-pause squats assuming time under tension and weight are the same? Thanks - love your posts!

  4. t_vinetti13


  5. tag2393

    ^^ lmaooo @bucktenkg

  6. sgreenlee6

    @rpdrmike that's the @jared_feather @little__dal magic posing door! I've got to find this. 😉

  7. whitfitmcgee

    That UCM bathroom! Nice😂 The lighting is excellent!

  8. lemoncitybarbell


  9. will.hoff92

    Oh neat, how'd you get that one muscle? The muscle that's on top of the other muscle, which happens to be on top of a few more.

  10. mpgodard

    Dude if you were on campus today and didn't look me up I'm going to fight you @rpdrmike

  11. scabrera98

    Dr. curious on your standing on calories on deload, most say to put them on maintenance and in general I've also heard you say that during a cut. But in hypercaloric conditions, do you stand as Broderick and you keep them in a surplus during that week?

  12. winfinancial

    Dude you are killing it! What are your macros?

  13. dylan.dorkes

    Sucks to have missed you teaching at UCM! Enrolled your last year there, awesome to see someone utilizing that bathroom’s lighting on here 😂

  14. bdminor

    Any shows planned the next couple years?

  15. yannik_busch

    Do you plan to cut down in the next months? Very curious to see how you’d look like

  16. thadraperyfallz

    @gerald_maragos_ follow dr. Mike

  17. alaaddinf

    help!! i store all of my fat in my thighs like a bitch, its hurting my v-taper. Should i quit training legs until my back is relatively bigger than my legs?

  18. iamrethy

    So I’m going to get the male physique template but I’m confused how many days a week I should choose. I chose the full body option but I have unlimited time to the gym, what would be most optimal for me to choose? Thanks

  19. ampathleticsofficial

    Taken at the notorious spot at UCM.... 🔑

  20. plasmichedgehog

    How the heck are you and I the same height (5’6”) and you’re literally 100lbs heavier than me??? Crazy shit man!

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