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Inspiration Monday! One thing I love to do is take photos of hand-drawn and aging signage. I love the lettering on this one that I found in NYC over the holidays. The message is also pretty true to my life lately as I’m working on building up my illustration portfolio! #inspiration #inspirationmonday #urbansignage #lettering #handlettering #vernacular #nycsignage #signage #signpainting #nycstreetart


  1. leahnadeaustudio

    This is inspired! Love City signs

  2. pacalart

    I can’t be as active anymore! I need so much sleep to function properly!

  3. lisahendersonart

    It's nice to be inspired by simple things. 😊

  4. corinnamaggy

    Omg, yes!!! That is how I feel too!

  5. liztaylorcreative

    This is so great. Love that it’s metallic, too!

  6. rebecca_rueth_designs

    I love seeing what inspires others!

  7. sunskifree

    You are a warrior! Love you and all of your art!💖🌟✨

  8. karmajeanart

    So cool to see!

  9. kimduchene

    I feel the way of the sign!