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Can you beat my time? Challenge inspired by @djwelsh22 Post a video and tag me! Range is 8-10 yds, target is a 1/2 silhouette. Time to beat: 2.32 seconds Challenge: Draw Fire 1 round to slide lock Reload Fire 1 round Total of 2 hits on target


  1. dayolddonut

    Game on, just gotta let the snow melt

  2. mjacksonian1

    Probably not lol

  3. stillcantshoot

    That shirt tho 😍😍😍

  4. stillcantshoot

    Oh and challenge accepted

  5. djwelsh22

    @rkaly beast mode

  6. indonesian_regularguy

    Challange accepted 😬

  7. recce_ryan

    New time to beat by @indonesian_regular_guy is 2.26!

  8. ramoziur


  9. spade18_nsg

    Aye gettemm!!!!

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