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NEW THEME ANNOUNCEMENT! This week we are celebrating everyones favourite time of day - Happy Hour! But before you go counting down to your Friday night cocktail, think about all the different ways you could interpret this theme during the week. Is your 'Happy Hour' your morning jog or some Netflix on the couch once the kids are asleep? We'd love you to capture this idea any way you like and the more creative your entry the better! . Theme: Happy Hour #cs_happyhour  Sponsor: Uber Kate @uberkatejewels Dates: Monday 19th - Sunday 25th February, 2018 Open: Worldwide Prizes: 2x winners will each win a cocktail ring from the Uber Kate collection (RRP AU$195) Post caption: To be eligible for this prize you must have the following tags in your opening caption #cs_happyhour  @creativelysquared @uberkatejewels . Please also be following @creativelysquared and @uberkatejewels in order for your entry to count. . This week's special guest host will be @natashainthecity, she will drop by to say hi tomorrow and will be featuring her favourite entries all week! . Happy HAPPY HOUR-ING everyone! (that's a thing right?) 👋 Ruth @thecontentcreative


  1. englishgirl14

    Yay Natasha!! Look forward to seeing your favourites!

  2. mooncharmsjewellery

    I can see this being a tipsy week and I'm not mad! 😂

  3. natashainthecity

    I’m so excited for this week and to see everyone’s photos of their happy hour 💛

  4. jodianne_

    Yay Nat!!! Perfect theme for you xx @natashainthecity

  5. saltedcure

    Looks so good

  6. everydaynaseeha

    Yep, loving this theme! ❤

  7. rarepearstudio

    Whooohoo @uberkate!

  8. uberkatejewels

    We are so excited to sponsor this week and can’t wait to see everyone’s gorgeous posts 💗

  9. alovelyspace

    Oh yay this theme sounds fun! 😍

  10. ofmixednotions

    That’s one Interesting theme 🤔♥️♥️🍹

  11. marisa.young

    Oh...what a fabulous theme!!! 🤗🤗🤗

  12. dstyfn

    love this theme 💟

  13. bostonpropstylist

    Robin is this your photo? Just saw it yesterday on a Spark Post template and loved it! Too funny 🍊

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