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WASH DAY HOLLA! Today I washed with @rizoscurls and styled with @innersenseorganicbeauty leave in spray, @garnierusa banana mask as a leave in, @sheamoisture foam and @rizoscurls curl cream. So simply two leave ins, a foam and cream! I styled last night and sleep with my hair pushed above my head for volume! I’m loving this!! Feels great to have my curls back!


  1. my_curly_odyssey


  2. debshattraw

    I was thinking about ordering Rizos curls. I currently use deva curl. Any suggestions - shampoo and conditioner and cream or ??

  3. curlyclo94

    Lovely curls

  4. innersenseorganicbeauty

    We’re crazy for your curls!! 💕🙌

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