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Dogeblaster 😂 Much safe, many pew, wow

Dogeblaster 😂 Much safe, many pew, wow


  1. gunsandsharpthings

    Where can I buy this?

  2. usagunshop1

    Like it ! Check my page out for lots more gunporn!

  3. caseyanthoney

    Umm can we stop the gun worship and #prayforvictimsofgunviolence 

  4. recce_ryan

    @caseyanthoney What about praying for kids who were drowned by their mom?

  5. neckbeard_bravo

    @caseyanthoney does gun worship include 'throwaway guns' in car glove compartments too?

  6. jp.leadslinger

    I need this in my life!

  7. luis.oki


  8. maint.mach

    That is badassery! Doge rules!

  9. thestormnmormon

    Hahahaha yes!

  10. az_gun_guy

    This is amazing!!

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