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Always loved old family photos. My grandmother sitting on the far right. 1920. #bolivia#vintagephoto #vintagephotography #portrait


  1. maitebelaunde

    Hola!!!! Quienes están en la

  2. maitebelaunde

    En la foto?? Que linda esta y la anterior tmbn!!!

  3. roselena279

    Que bella foto!!

  4. kokinnewyork

    You should paint these family pictures , use very pale tints so it looks like a retouched photo , it would be fantastic

  5. tami.h.smith

    How nice. I have a similar picture like that of my grandmother. Funny how they never smiled in photos back then.

  6. arianeminos

    Magnifique ! I I love it.

  7. arianeminos