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  1. gigi_zimmer

    "And this is where I sit to make the medium bucks"

  2. eliottglinnaudio

    “This mix seems to be pulling to the left?”

  3. gregolasmusic

    Amazing place 🔊🎶👍🏻

  4. kevig3

    Occasionally I wear pants

  5. mung201

    Get your feet off!!

  6. allstylesmusicuk

    This is what you get when you do what you love!

  7. roymatz

    "the guy who really needs to get up and stretch"

  8. beatsbymirakle

    Nice place!

  9. _crimsonmoonrecords

    “What a mix engineer actually does”

  10. corywires

    The Boss... what speaker towers are those?

  11. jeroenrusschen

    @maddymadpac you lie this setup

  12. musicofmason

    The desk furniture: is that an argosy? Looks really good

  13. devonbenoitaudio

    Live Long and Prosper 🖖

  14. cayleamusic

    taco break? yes.

  15. debzmic

    👉👉👉#like !!!

  16. lilackings

    We have the same taste in music. Should check us out and let us know what you think.

  17. katiedixmusic

    Nice photo!

  18. katiedixmusic

    I would LOVE to! Studio looks beautiful!

  19. gattjonny310

    reminds me of @joc_le_coq

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