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  1. stitcheddrummer

    YASSS 🤘

  2. daveysuicide

    So sick!

  3. ragdollfairy27

    ❤♥ That is so cute. I had drawn the cross start on my middle finger nail the last show I went to but nobody saw it plus I kind of messed up on my right hand I cannot draw with my left hand. Maybe I'll try again later. ♥❤

  4. 3lsa57

    ❤❤🔥 Very cool. .🔥😍❤❤

  5. ruhrpottgang

    Glück Auf! 🛠

  6. nerdyswan

    Sooo cute! :)

  7. balsam_for_your_soul

    Omg 😍 ich möchte auch so was!