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✨✨✨AUCTION✨✨✨ PLEASE READ ALL RULES!!For your consideration, This beautifully worked piece, was created by @luxglass710 and I. Made with Northstar Experimental Color13,silver and gold fumed dot-box sections. Featuring 14mm fitting with perfectly encased opal and worked 3 hole dot-box perc. Auction rules: Starting bid $100 Bin $400 Reserve in place. Bidding increments of $10 or more. No snipe rule in place minimum of 3 min. Auction ends at midnight GMT. Must be 18 or older to bid! Shipping and fees on me! Second and third place will receive, one of my anatomical heart pendants! Various payment options available. Payment is required immediately after auction. Winning bid resulting in non payment will be blocked. #northstar  #experimental13  #silver  #gold  #fume  #dotbox  #14mm  #grandpaglass  #opal  #teamwork  #710  #710society  #dablife  #glassauction  #free  #auctionsofig  #glassforsale  #headyglass  #heady  #headyauction 


  1. vaughn_wayne

    Reserve has been met!🙏

  2. eastsideslider

    Good luck to all

  3. pompaleanne


  4. vaughn_wayne

    Going once! @eastsideslider @themassinfluence @dabadolan @meltingpot___

  5. vaughn_wayne

    Going twice @eastsideslider @themassinfluence @dabadolan @meltingpot___

  6. vaughn_wayne

    Soooooold @meltingpot___ congratulations!

  7. vaughn_wayne

    2nd place pendant winneer @dabadolan dm shipping info🙌

  8. vaughn_wayne

    3rd place pendant winner @themassinfluence dm shipping info!

  9. themassinfluence

    @meltingpot___ nice score!

  10. meltingpot___

    👌🏻😊 Wow! Just woke up to this, I’ll get the payment to ya ASAP!

  11. mrbonsai710

    Damn steal.