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I’m Oliver, and I love ❤️ my cat brothers Miles and Emerson. They make great pillows. I like anything comfy since I used to live on the streets of Georgia, had to fight for food and was underweight and heartworm positive. #emerson  #mainecoon  #mainecoonmix  #fluffycat 


  1. cissyandhersisters

    Aww Oliver, us kitty's make such great pillows! Nice and soft! You so deserve the lovely life you have now with your brothers and your lovely mama after your terrible time living on the streets 🤗🤗😍😍😙😙

  2. thomas_the_foodie

    Your cat brothers are the best! So happy you have the good like now

  3. kutepyewacket

    Those adorable faces.......sending them smoochies😘😘😘😘❤️

  4. am_frischkorn

    Awww this is too precious!! Needed this today waiting at the doctors office. Love you guys!! Feel better Miles!! ❤️😘🐾🐶🐱

  5. jakegingercat

    What a wonderful family you have! 💕

  6. ziggyzag3316

    The sweetest pic I saw all day❤️

  7. vacatlady

    Yes. Cats do make good pillows and they are also useful for playing. Some of their toys are pretty cool too.

  8. fienchen77

    You have a great life now and cats are the best buddies possible. ♥️

  9. sukayna73

    So sweet! So much love❤️❤️❤️ My childhood dog used to bark at other cats when they approached our yard, to protect our kitty and her right to sleep in the sun unhindered❤️😽

  10. mnmartin45

    I’m so glad you have a loving family. 🐕🐈💗

  11. hollywoodcatreporter

    Aww so sweet 😻💕🐾🐶

  12. franklin_d_woofsevelt

    I’m glad you’re doing so much better and have a living pillow!

  13. michelle.gavard

    So lovely 😺🐶😍

  14. otto_von_katze

    I’m so glad you have a wonderful family now, and such adorable siblings, sweet Oliver!! 😽💖😻❤️🙏🏻🐾

  15. cassie_and_mickie_

    Omg this is too cute

  16. pearldaina23_surie


  17. fatty__doodoo

    Aww so sweet 💟

  18. creamsicle_cats

    Sweet ❤️

  19. normanreedusthecat

    Now that is sweet♥️

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