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kinda x @gucci for my show last november - first pipe to debut a new implosion tech I have been developing over the past year - owned by the bugs bunny of the glass game @belfglass - 🔥pics by @iamjeffdimarco #sellout  #sponsored  #bootleg  #gucciflipflops  #guccy 


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  2. dab_lova_710

    For sale???

  3. facetmama

    Not to shabby 😏

  4. dreamsofclarity

    @fantasy_collabs Level up

  5. heddiemurphy

    Hype boys are crying rn

  6. bart_sampson

    Damn biting @fantasy_collabs style so blatantly !! 😂

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    Congratulation your picture has been chosen to be featured on @dabbers_unite so keep a look out and stay dabbing and don’t forget to tag your dope ERRL pics with #dabbers_unite  for a chance to be featured. STAY LIFTED STAY UNITED

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    How can we get one of these in the shop? 👌

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  14. paulmiller_23

    @glassburgh_412 I needs

  15. johnnyyysmith47

    @k.monz_ u never smoked out of my rig before?? Liez

  16. k.monz_

    Lol huhh

  17. potentpotsmoker1016

    @marnicole 🔥🔥🔥

  18. 420america69


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