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Some of the dishes I made for lunch today for our first no dig gardening course of 2018. Everything is plantbased, seasonal and grown by @charles_dowding at Homeacres. Charles’ favourite was the crown prince squash soup (not in the photo) and mine, the roast beetroot salad yum #nodig #vegetablegardeningcourses #plantbasedfood #eattheseason #eatmoreveg #growyourownfood #gdnbloggers #homesteading #homegrownfood


  1. rubyfoxglove

    That looks amazing!

  2. adipsos

    I agree roast beetroot salad 😋

  3. christineweglowskiforster

    Are the recipes in the new book?

  4. greenthumbsvegan

    Looks fantastic! I’m just wondering what type of beans they are, and what beans you think are the best for saving as dried for winter? Thanks

  5. kalemekristie

    What a spread 😍

  6. vegansaladgirl

    Wow!!! I love this so much!!! The best way to eat!!!

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