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That's some tasty looking........ glass 🙃😲 these little deceiving Shatter slab pendys were a custom request for @daddydabit 😏 the idea was to be able to trick someone; no loops, no over exaggerated cheese holes (with the exception of a teeny tiny hole for a string), just a pretty slab of shatter 👍👌 very pleased with the outcome💯💎


  1. jessicadabit

    They look amazing!!! 😍

  2. mrbeastmaster420

    That's so cool man!! Great work!! Definitely fooled me at first look I would of thought they were real👍👍👍 have a good one✌

  3. daddydabit

    So beautiful

  4. thedoomedwon

    Definitely fooled me. Pretty sweet 🔥

  5. firstclassglass216

    Oh come on ya need a little hole action lol no I kid they came out looking smooth like it's still on the sheet