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Haircut Consultation is the key !! I really don’t cut 1 year olds but when I do , we have conversations bout ?.... drop that comment 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 Thanks for letting me give your kiddo his first cut @pinupkitchen if anyone needs a cool cake hit her up !! #deluxeparlorshaveclub #deluxeparlor #traditional #barber #longbeachbarber #lbclocal #kidscut #rayraelovedakidz #rockabillylifestyle #pinupkitchen


  1. lechestyles

    Instant classic! Just like the Elvis pic!

  2. mr_lac

    @rayrae_lbc Whaaat?.. they are the easiest to cut. Remember I used to cut your hair when you were little.. 👍🏽😉

  3. stace_e_stace

    Super cute!

  4. 1988.walt

    I was hoping u can cut my boy for the first time

  5. romeror87

    Might be random, but have you cut anyone's hair who has donated it? @rayrae_lbc

  6. romeror87

    What length? My son has been growing his hair for almost 8 years. It's down to his waist. @rayrae_lbc

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