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Doing some overhead dumbbell presses for the first time in a while. Felt a lot heavier than the last time I did them! Did several heavy sets, finishing with 105x4 (and a half). Glad to have my little brother @vinyardbjj back in the gym with me, repping his new @gotreign USA tshirt. I felt like rocking my #burntheships  shirt. @eggwarrior11 also working hard today. @sbd.usa @livesoreadaptive #amputee  #amputeeswholift  #powerlifting  #powerliftingmotivation  #gym  #fitness  #shoulders  #adaptiveathlete  #sbd  #commit  #treign  #jesusismystrength 


  1. the_timborders

    Great job buddy! Try to open up your chest on DB Press. By that I mean flare your elbows the entire range of motion. You will be hitting those for about 8 reps. Just something I’ve picked up over the years. Really helps on the press. Keep pushin bud!

  2. find_your_peace1


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