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#Cuba  | An unforgettable day riding this old American through Havana. This was in Parque Almendares, an incredible forest 15 minutes away from the city centre, where I had the best Piña Colada! 🍍🌳 🍹 While Cuba doesn’t ban many websites, the access to internet is limited by the state. Private connections are extremely rare and almost unaffordable. Instead, tourists and inhabitants have to buy hourly cards (1 CUC an hour) and connect to public networks, only available in the city’s main squares and gardens. It sounds strange, but you’ll see people gathering in public places throughout the day, sat on the floor or benches (it’s very rare to find cafes / restaurants around these spots). Not easy to connect with the rest of the world but, as a tourist, it was so nice being off the grid for a while!