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PLEASE DONT TAKE CREDIT!! IF YOU WANNA REPOST, TAG ME THANK YOU💗💗 # Hehe here’s a funny Devan vid for ya! Don’t hate just thought this was hilarious😂😂 What would you caption this video? “When I fangirl over Devan” or “When I see Devan Key”? Lol sorry im leaving now...😂💕 @devankey @collinskey #fangirling  #fangirlingsohard  #devankey  #fangirls  #keypersquad  #keyperfamily  #fanedit  #funny 


  1. maddie_howell2

    Who are the girls?

  2. love_the_key_bros_for_life

    😂😂😂 love this

  3. love_the_key_bros_for_life

    I would definitely title it when i fangirl over Devan Key 😂

  4. julia_merrellkey

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 awesome

  5. devonanddevankey

    😂😂 this is so good, i love it

  6. 2devkeyper

    Omg I can't!!! 😂😂😂😂 That was amazing

  7. _.miriam.__.lopez._

    Lol how fan girl act when they see Devan. Btw Devan smile 😍😍

  8. devan_key_girl

    So cute love ya

  9. maccieonline


  10. rainydaygirl1

    God damn that cutie😂💖

  11. twinslouvmerrell

    I love this!!! 💗

  12. _oisheee_

    Woahh !!! This is crazy 😂 it's so cute 😍 that smile 😱😍 I just love his smile 😍💙😘 I love him so much 💜

  13. krzanaviciute

    When i see devan and collins<33333