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Honoured to be asked to paint this gift for a new bride - the grooms vows, accompanied by a daffodil and a thistle to represent their nationalities. Congratulations! (One shot enamel on 200cm x 80cm birch ply)


  1. a.finerthread

    Absolutely brilliant 👌🏻

  2. diekunstliebe

    Wow that‘s really cool 👌🏽💙

  3. foulkes1

    Means the world @samuelmervyn.signs it’s a beauty! 👌

  4. foulkes1


  5. abbeyymm

    Love this xx

  6. tigerbay.signs thankyou!

  7. peterdebris

    Looks great bro

  8. tigerbay.signs

    @peterdebris thanks mate! I've got a book for you too..

  9. sallyevans31

    Looks amazing - detail and accuracy perfect!

  10. tigerbay.signs

    @sallyevans31 thanks mum! Xx