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Hey guys I wanted to share this with you. Results are soon to come because we are seeing them in a matter of days. Here you'll see my sisters leg. This is 1 of the many parts of her body that she has eczema. Both pictures are the same day. This Dream Cream is a life saver we can already see the difference in her skin and she's happier as well. LUSH IS LITERALLY SAVING MY SISTERS WHOLE BODY FROM THE NECK DOWN. @lushcosmetics I WILL POST IPDATED PICTURE'S NEXT WEEK BUT THIS IS HER STARTING POINT. #lush  #lushfreshhandmadecosmetics  #naturalproducts  #veganproducts  #vegancleanser  #eczema  #eczemasucks  #startingpoint  #skinprogress  #dreamcream