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The UK’s first 70m Telescopic Demolition arm. Designed and manufactured in Britain. Kocurek Excavators quite simply ‘never out of reach’. #highreach #telescopic #demolition #kocurek #neveroutofreach #britishmanufacturing #myinnerstrenx #familycompany #dsmdemolition


  1. bwcibo1


  2. seantellery

    Looks very impressive

  3. lgpeddie


  4. stefano_lucignano


  5. jimmy_wigren


  6. big_bearded1


  7. pinnerdemo

    @seantellery looks the part 👍

  8. seantellery

    @pinnerdemo best tool on a hire reach 👍

  9. wared11n

    brilliant photo

  10. ab_construction_diecast

    That's superb @kocurekexcavators is the liebherr A300 you did of similar specification?

  11. guynicholl5

    David Kocurek is one of the best engineers in the world

  12. scoopergram

    That yolk is ridiculous!!👊💥

  13. ab_construction_diecast

    @ukplantphotos I was wondering if its specification was similar to the liebherr M9300

  14. cfournier92


  15. simwick

    @bod0 caterPillar

  16. zgerbs

    @bengerber would you tip this?

  17. rocco_bro123

    70 meters are a neat house number 😮👌👍

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