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Things I learned from this first attempt of mine at a floor: ₪ 6mm mdf is NOT thick enough ₪ two separate pieces of wood is not ideal ₪ a £16.99 jigsaw is terrifying, extremely loud and the blade is forever wonky ₪ apparently No More Nails is not supposed to be a toothpaste like consistency and if it is it might not stick down your wooden batons and you will be very disappointed and temporarily lose all hope! #camper  #campervan  #kangoo  #microcamperdiaries  #minicamper  #microcamper  #diy  #selfmadevan  #diyvan  #powertools  #jigsawtime 


  1. jilliebean46

    It’s a learning process! The first deck I built looked pretty strange but the next two looked better and now that I made the van, it looks pretty cool but there are things I don’t like and could be better. Next van will be better than this one as I’ll use all I learned building this one! Your first effort at van building is a terrific success!!!👍🏻 Ya dome good!!!

  2. jilliebean46

    done-not dome! Ha!🤪

  3. jilliebean46

    I’m great with drills, sanders, circular saws and mitre saws though!

  4. kangoolies

    Just starting out on our own Kangoo camper conversion. I notice your rear seat belts vanished at some point! Easy enough to remove? Did you re-register as a 2 seater on the V5?