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Our “Cat Camo” holster has now jumped to our number one selling design. Order one today at 🐈


  1. maggiewiggie

    @paula_raiburn Omg! 😂😺

  2. hashtag_pewpew

    @hounshell.m you need this holster

  3. mustachemikeisdead

    @xj_sam_xj what you think?

  4. paulmilton12

    @charissa_littlejohn and @thegatman I will literally roll out a red carpet on your next trip to Florida if you will make a drop leg holster for my Kimber Warrior Soc tfs! Please tell me you can do it.

  5. theonejakeb

    I really hope that's mine!

  6. gryz1229


  7. keoke_smz

    Can you guys do one for thr tlr6?

  8. crystinaadumas

    Any puppies?

  9. agbdasd

    Ordered my donut IWB today. Can’t wait to receive it and see all the jealous buddies look at it in admiration.

  10. steelsimmonds

    @_summerthyme_ check this out

  11. rupesworth

    @almostcammy you won’t

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