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I decided to give you a rough walk through my trip around the world in 2011 and 2012 the next weeks as I haven't posted a lot about it yet 📸🗺
my backpacking adventures have begun in NYC🗽
#newyorkcity #brooklynbridge #brooklyn #manhattan #bigapple #cityscape #travelgoals #travelblogger #aroundtheworld #weltreise #whataview #newyork #nyc



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  2. robg301rides

    Sehr schön! Freu mich auf die weiteren Stationen! ☺️👍🏻

  3. europentax

    This is the most beautiful bridge in the world BKLYN!

  4. travel4dventures_

    Schönes Foto!:)

  5. lisylifestyle

    How many countries have you visited ?

  6. asvpbob_1

    Wow how exciting @minawanderlust

  7. wndrlove

    schönes bild

  8. destination_promotions

    This is so breathtaking

  9. mimijanetravels

    Your feed is sick, keep it up!!

  10. mattiasolida


  11. iamronaldvega


  12. miriam991

    Nice shot!

  13. gia_gnn

    Write to @travelstagram__ for a repost 🔥

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