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Day 14/a - Cold Rain & Snow > Fire On The Mountain - 7/4/86 – Rich Stadium, Buffalo, NY (Posted on 12/14/17) Trouble ahead, Jerry In Red. Ditching his customary black t-shirt in favor of a patriotic red one for the July Fourth holiday, Garcia delivers a heroic, star-spangled performance in the sweltering heat in Buffalo, just days before slipping into a diabetic coma. This was a long show that started in the afternoon and included Bob Dylan and Tom Petty (RIP). A film crew was on stage to capture part of the Dead’s performance for a live TV simulcast of Farm Aid II. While the film crew is scrambling to get everything "just exactly perfect" the band dives right into the second set with “Cold Rain & Snow!?” It’s a curious choice (and perhaps a cruel joke) given the extreme heat but this version totally kicks ass! In an even more exciting twist of events Garcia leads the band into a rare, stand-alone version of “Fire On The Mountain” to complete this apparent musical speedball of fire and ice. It’s the only time the two songs were combined. DOWNLOAD AND STREAMING LINKS ARE UPDATED IN MY PROFILE EVERY DAY #coldrainandsnow  #fireonthemountain  #coldfire  #troubleaheadjerryinred  #07041986  #richstadium  #buffalo  #julyfourth  #independenceday  #gratefuldead  #jerrygarcia  #bobweir  #phillesh  #billkreutzmann  #mickeyhart  #brentmydland  #bobdylan  #tompetty  #31daysofdead  #linernotesmusicblog 


  1. seasonedandsalty


  2. pjthewalrus

    @ebtrotta @jahvolunteer truckin up to Buffalo

  3. 2treesfarm

    Thanks never knew that

  4. scarletonthebus98

    Love me some Jerry!!✌🏻

  5. frat_64

    yup! I was there 👍✌

  6. gratefulred77

    Just watched this on you tube my top 3 FOTM⚡️⚡️⚡️

  7. jckiaer

    Was there. Great show. Worked my down in front of Jerry ended up in the video, which is always fun to watch. Amazing CR&S ->Fire 🎸🕺

  8. kjstreuliglasser

    Ah yes💜had a great time.

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  11. masonlynn8

    Love it ~ I was at this one 🌧❄️🌧❄️

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  13. pbraverman

    It’s amazing how much healthier he looks in that clip than he did a few days later at RFK

  14. timbadger59

    Great show was there killer 2nd set

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