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Q: Do you like Boruto? 
Follow (@official.hinata) me for more! ♡

Q: Do you like Boruto? Follow (@official.hinata) me for more! ♡


  1. _quattrop

    what makes computers and technologies there, is unusual at all

  2. marlonkazimirski


  3. ahmzy_bash

    The guy should be lucky he has a dad at least unlike naruto

  4. narutogram_479

    Didn't he lose his right hand? 🤔

  5. bobtheebobbster

    I actually do 🤷🏻‍♀️ but I have a random question... if kawaki was able to defeat naruto, (tbh I don’t think naruto is going to die because that just wouldn’t be the best movie marketing and business wise for the boruto series) and boruto was able to defeat kawaki does that make boruto stronger than naruto and ultimately sasuke since sasuke and naruto are basically on the same level since they have the same chakra levels and shit 🤔🤔🤔


    No, he’s like a repeat of naruto as a kid except he doesn’t want to become hokage

  7. mrs_miejaa


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