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??? #feminism #feminist #what #whatthefuck #muslim #letgirlswearwhattheywant #dresscode #fuckthedresscode


  1. eleganceinblack

    This news is old. This is nothing new unfortunately....

  2. alaijahht

    *insert confused Nick Young meme *

  3. eitak_brown

    Da fuck? Why? Wtf ?

  4. mia.lily24

    The fucking hell?

  5. conservative_buck

    Fake news is pretty interesting.

  6. david____gonzalez

    Sounds fake. Always trying to make the oppressors the oppressed.

  7. ipiesings

    HAHAHA all the conservatives saying its fake news😭😂

  8. brendonuriewouldloveme

    .....what? What????

  9. olivias_universal

    When your racism get confused with your misogyny

  10. m.malisse

    skirts are too short: get kicked out skirts are too long: get kicked out. should we just stay in a one way bubble and make no one see us?!

  11. hannah.martinii

    Too long??? Tf? Is that a distraction for boys too? Is it just too tempting to watch the long skirt go swishy-swish?

  12. peculiarleti

    what the fuck

  13. labiba_mannan

    Bitch say what now?!?!

  14. tylerbrown29

    And the media will flip it around and make it an islamophobic issue when it probably has nothing to do with that.

  15. tylerbrown29

    Have you ever though that maybe they have a dress code?


    wow, and i be getting dress coded for having too short skirts, guess it's just a fucked up school system, hmm

  17. angelicaglow50

    so what of those who wear skirts that are too Short?

  18. baginskiii

    This is so unfair to her! I am 100% white and I wear long skirts all the time. The school should be punished

  19. amiscutee

    Umm what??? It’s either too short or too long for people I don’t understand :/

  20. ann_marie_valentine_

    The head of that school needs to be shot

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