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Anyone else love Beauty and the Beast? I sure do! And speaking of love, can we talk about these fantastic decals from @witandglitterco ?! I mean, seriously! This mug is getting a place of honor on my desk so I can constantly fawn over these beauties! 😍 Swipe to see the second decal! #witandglitterco  #beautyandthebeast  #etsy  #disney  #bookstagram 


  1. cutthroathenna

    That mug is beautiful!

  2. mazzi_makes

    Omg the gold and white look so good together!! 😍😍

  3. willowynnsfaire

    I love everything about this!

  4. allearsboutiqueco

    I love the gold!

  5. lilmoonwhimsy



    Jasmine makes awesome decals!

  7. fangirlpolish

    Super cute! Love the design!!

  8. the_mouse_project

    Her decals are the best!

  9. ediclyne


  10. deannakei

    Those are both awesome

  11. love.magic.memories

    Best BATB mug I’ve seen yet!😍😍

  12. ledizzydesigns

    Oooh love the Beast and Belle one

  13. teamneville

    Yes! This is awesome

  14. cherlockedesigns

    Ohh love this one!

  15. wanderlustbeee

    Omg favorite Disney movie ever

  16. snips.spice


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