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A few weeks back Fayettechill came to town for the annual fall photo shoot. I always look forward to these visits as we have become good friends over the last several years. Mo Elliott, Fayettechill founder and owner, along with photographer, Sam Matthews or Samjay as we like to call him, spent a couple of days on the river with our entire team. We did a combination of wading and drifting. The second day we spent most of the time chunking some streamers. The bite was tough. As we were packing up about to try another part of the river, I made that proverbial one last cast. I really wasn’t expecting anything and was totally caught off guard when I felt my rod double over to the point I thought it would snap. This wild and beautiful brown fought hard for a bit and then was gone. I didn’t land it, but for a moment I had the largest brown at the end of my line to date. (It would have also been the largest brown of our trip, which would have been kind of awesome being that I was the only girl). Even though I didn’t land it, it will be one of my most memorable days–better than any day catching a lot of stockers on any of our rivers. This truly is our little piece of heaven and it is always nice to share it with friends to experience this place for themselves. _______________________________________________📷 @samjmatthews _______________________________________________Link in bio to cool @fayettechill gift ideas! Some of our favorite key pieces are here!


  1. flylords


  2. katespiller

    What an amazing moment! Beautiful place!

  3. ___bdk__

    Some great shots!

  4. earthfiredpottery

    Great photos, looks like fun.

  5. josh_lawrence81

    Great photo

  6. taylorfla

    Good stuff.

  7. cdej1

    You should come to Colorado my wife and I will take you on a float down the Colorado river in Grand county! We have a Hyde Drift Boat!!?

  8. stefan_a_0610

    Cool pictures, especially nr5. ✌🎣

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