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If you could visit any made up world, where would your most want to go? Iโ€™d definitely have to say Middle Earth. . Speaking of Lord of the Rings, check out this gorgeous necklace from @bookishstardesigns ITโ€™S MY NAME IN ELVISH!!!!! Swipe to see a close up! ๐Ÿ˜ Also, look at this awesome rice bag from @bookishstardesigns Swipe to see the other side! #bookishstardesigns  #bookishadventuresshop  #etsy  #lordoftherings  #tolkien  #bookstagram  #middleearth  #elvish  #bookworm 


  1. bookishstardesigns

    yaaay! I love this. thanks for sharing!

  2. thejennybell

    This is so awesome Laura!!

  3. exclamationcreation

    I would love to go to Middle Earth! But the top of my fictional worlds travel list is Hyrule. My heart belongs in Kokiri Forest.