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Ready for Santa! 🎅
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  1. marz_808

    Cutie! Love the entire outfit

  2. zoeandlila

    Adorable! Love the plaid!

  3. eighthofaugust_

    He’s the cutest!

  4. lifewithliamethan

    I love the plaid so much

  5. trendybubs

    Awesome threads!

  6. thehoneyskull

    Oh heck yes!

  7. stitchesbynatalie

    Love the plaid

  8. mas_on_t

    So spunky

  9. carolandgrace

    In love with plaid

  10. c_heekyface

    Such a cool outfit

  11. the_wild_bambino

    Omg love this tee!

  12. camillelundydesigns

    Aww yes he is.. these are so nice ❤️

  13. ashleylynlivin

    Awe cutie pie

  14. funkyandlittle

    Soo cute!!

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