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Happy Birthday my Princess. You completed our little family in your own way. May you grow to be a Wise, full of Love n Understanding girl. The world may seems to be a scary place but have Faith, be Courageous n Hopeful, u will be just fine. . Stay Healthy n Happy girl. Mommy n Daddy love u very much. . Cake from @biscotticakery . They decor it exactly like i want it to every single details. I'm amaze! Bravo! Too much bumps on the way home jadinya kayak menara pisa deh. Luckyly i took the pic at the store when it still standing perfectly. . Headband from @ribbonmadness fall it love at the first sight! . #happybirthdaygirl  #myprincessisoneyearold  #timegoesbysofast  #unicorncake  #unicornheadband  #decorcampur2  #proudmomndad  #simplecelebration 


  1. na0209ang

    Happy birthday sera @sieny_tan 🎁🎉🎊

  2. lind_lim

    Happy Birthday Sera 🎂

  3. deborah_liese

    Siennnnyyyyyyy apakabar cantikkk???? Masih di Batam yaa?? Sedih gw pgn cemil kue keringmuuuu💗💗💗

  4. jetaimemcn