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Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful that I have fans and friends who always make me feel better. I do apologize if that sounds a self centered though. #happythanksgiving #thanksgiving #thanksgiving2017 #legophotography #legophoto #legophotos #dtfeatures #nyafeatures #mm1227features #jayjitzufeatures #tlolfeatures #juanfeatures #Ninjago2017 #Ninjago #LegoNinjago


  1. removed_account1257272

    Awesome photo man! :D

  2. thenickpulinski

    You as well!

  3. our_toy_world


  4. drazex_

    Happy Turkey Day To U

  5. lego_ranger18

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  6. anacai.the.snake

    Happy thanksgiving

  7. juanlegostudios

    Awesome pic also Happy Thanksgiving to you too.

  8. a.c.f_04

    Even though I don't celebrate it, happy thanksgiving!

  9. fan_of_fire

    Happy thanksgiving ! I wish my country would celebrate it but I am fine


    Happy thanksgiving my bro!

  11. legokyloren

    Happy thanksgiving mate!(even we don't celebrate it in finland)

  12. crovanbiscuits

    Happy Thanksgiving Man! Hope you have a wonderful time! :D

  13. millerbricks

    Happy Thanksgiving?

  14. kolowor_bricks

    I don't celebrate this but this is still a nice picture

  15. lavafangirl

    Happy thanksgiving to you too!!!!!

  16. maskedassassin40

    happy Birthday

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