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  1. casavanti6636

    Yet woman don't treat us with the respect we deserve.

  2. casavanti6636

    @diannabellerose So treatment of woman thinking there better then men or woman not knowing there place in the family or society is good. I say bad, woman were meant to be at home taking care of the kids while the men worked. Woman most if the time have a certain empathy that most men don't have. Now I see no problem with woman working if there is no man to work. Men a are the leader of the household and it was better when it was like that but now you have ever feminism and that came from communists and ruined our society.

  3. diannabellerose

    From what I understood here the problem is women going to work, and it comes from communist country. I grew up in communist country, I never like d how man treat women, women had to work. There were women who stayed home, they were treated with respect some of them, not all some were cheated on, never admired their care for their family. Man had a huge ego, something I see here as well. NOT all man are ego driven, their fabulous man who make sure their family live high class life, this shows they are secure with their manhood. They do not want their wife to go to work, they want her to stay home, raise healthy happy children. Children is preferable to be raised by their mother, not a different stranger every single day. This helps with a creation of healthy society, not someone with traumatic experience, first three years are so pivotal. So man are man when Iโ€™m the past in this country they were secure man who fled honoured to take care for their family and never thought their womenโ€™s chorus at home are not work or try to cheat, lie and go after a younger coworker who has a career. That is why nowadays women prefer to go to work and feel equal as man and want to be paid equally which is fair. The fact that women are not accepted as equals crates the thirst for completion and manโ€™s leadership is no longer in power. If man wants to be a leader and take care for his family with no demands, blame or needs a misters to prove his manhood. It looks like women need man who were at the time in 60โ€™s or 70โ€™s who were really man. There is one more thing here as well, society was completely different, they had values, integrity, love and everything we do not have right now. Humans evolved on the wrong direction and here it is another obstacle to work on, and I can continue more.