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21 808 Game (Engine)-Test's (!): . Unbelievable, but true: In 4 Years i started my Game > 21 808 Times! 2608 Times alone in 2 Month's because of another Feature. . I started my Game mostly because of Test- & Control Reasons. . More about it: Since 30. September 2013 my Game count's (in the ini-file), how often i start it since this date. . For example to check & Control: -What i had programmed new for the Game -what i change trough programming -If i made a programming error -If programming-Problems/Errors succesfully fixed -If my Error & Control-Messages from the Gameengine & Game works right . -Debugging . -DirectX-Things (Vertices, Culling, Lighting, and more) . -new Gameengine features (Sprites, 3D Modells, Particle Engine, Weapons, Textengine, 3D-Glasses Mode and other things) . -Collison-Test's . -FPS-Test's . -How the Textures look & feel (and the optical illusions in 2 Levels) . -How Songs fit into the Level . -If Sounds sounding good enough . -If Text fit into the Game . -The Fog-Color in the corresponding Level . -How playable the Levels are . -If it works in another Microsoft Windows-Version . -If it work on other Computers & Laptops to . -And much more . . But for a Programmer like me 21 808 Gamestarts/Test's are not enough, :-) (just a joke/i'm kidding). . . In real, it had more as 'only' 21 808 starts because it record the starts at first/since September 2013. But i made the 1. Gameversion already 2007, and 3 Years later i started with the 2. Gameversion (v0.91, 17.06.2010). . . Testing is not my passion, :-) . But it's a important Work in Programming & Gamedevelopment. . . How you can see: 3D-Gamedevelopment & programming can be unbelievable much work. . . #Testing  #Controling  #Gametesting  #Gamecontrol  #21808  #Tests  #starts  #QA  #qualityassurance  #ini  #file  #unbelievable  #believeitornot  #gamedesign  #gamedevelopment  #gamedev  #indiegamedev  #indiedev  #gameproduction  #programminglife  #creativ  #ghostworld3d2  . #Tests  #Kontrolle  #prüfungen  #Computerspiel  #Qualitätskontrolle  #datei  #spielkonfiguration  #unglaublich 


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