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What move(s) do you want Dave Dombrowski to make this offseason? #bostonstrong #redsox #redsoxnation #soxmafia


  1. greg.strafer

    Atleast 1 power bat if not 2

  2. contralto1016

    To fire himself. Or quit.

  3. tnj_g3

    Stanton and Santana for sure.

  4. kwatt_516

    Stanton and hosmer, even jd Martinez

  5. mful15

    Martinez and Nuñez... put JD at dh move Hanley to first and let Nunie play 2nd until pedey comes back

  6. christophermartin5454

    Giancarlos Stanton, Eric Hosmer, Carlos Santana,and JD martinaz

  7. arod13_17

    Hosmer and Stanton

  8. redsoxmane24

    Sign Jose Bautista or other

  9. brockaracing

    Pitching pitching pitching and a DH

  10. brycecox23

    Smart ones!!!!!!!

  11. dawsond_9


  12. all_beantown_sports

    I think if we get Stanton and Santana and possibly another bat it will be a successful offseason

  13. rafaeldania2

    A big one

  14. contralto1016

    I don’t know, I just don’t like the guy. I think it could be that I don’t have cable and I just have radio. That could be it.but I’ll hopefully get some cable once I can afford it. Thank you and GOOOO RED SOX!!!!!

  15. j.robison21

    Stanton and Hosmer

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