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"What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others" - Pericles. . A few more fotos around Schwedagon Pagoda... After 8 (PM). . Before climbing up to the Schwedagon Pagoda platform, everybody must remove their shoes and strategically place them somewhere where you can find them again when you leave. The one thing that I was hesitant to do the first time was taking off my shoes and socks before entering a temple; but I soon got used to bare-footing it around just like everybody else.  The worst part was cleaning the feet as you leave the temple with the sanitary wipes provided by the guides and putting on socks and shoes over slightly damp feet. . Everywhere you walk around Schwedagon Pagoda, you will see monuments of Buddha, large and small. Everyone visits the Shwedagon for a different reason.  Some come to gaze a magical world of golden forms, tinkling bells, and the quiet chants of those in prayer. Others just simply come to admire the surroundings and take pictures with themselves in it. The more serious pilgrims come to the Shwedagon to make a ritual circuit.  There is no fixed pattern or apparent order to the many shrines within the pagoda; which makes Shwedagon a unique part of Myanmar's history. . Next time, I will bring a pair of sandals and no socks. Oh...and not once did I lose my pair of shoes! . I have include a short 20 sec slideshow created by Adobe Premiere 2018! . . . . . . #traqtravel  #traveling  #vacation  #visiting  #instatravel  #instago  #instagood  #trip  #holiday  #photooftheday  #fun  #travelling  #tourism  #tourist  #instapassport  #instatraveling  #mytravelgram  #travelgram  #travelingram  #igvel  #hankles  #burma  #yangon  #mandalay  #rangoon  #myanmar 


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    Beautiful shots! sandals are essential in SE Asia!

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