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Amiga 500, 1987-1992. The motherboard was repaired successfully.  1488P chip was replaced by new one. Somehow the old chip caused a short circuit and overheated. It's 29C now and everything seems are working ok including both floppy drives and Amiga mouse. Yes, that boxy mouse with a ball. Time to clean the computer case and assemble everything back. #amiga500 #Amiga #homecomputer #vintagecomputer #classiccomputer #retrotech #oldtech #motherboard #retrocomputer #repair


  1. vintage.este

    well done 👍

  2. krogot74

    Your cool

  3. ragdollsupreme

    Great! No get hold of some games and play until your fingers bleed to celebrate :-D :-D

  4. maurizio_damiani

    Love this hardware. In the 90’ we developed lots of devices to interface Amiga . Tons of burned via 6522 😂😂😂 but still love it 👍

  5. taburoto


  6. taburoto

    Up 👆 AMIGA

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