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"Go on. Join your brothers and sisters. They'll be waiting." Fear Her! Now, this isn't the most popular of DW episodes (understatement), but it's undeniably got a warm charm to it. It also has the most casual and perhaps most underrated Tenth Doctor costume variant ever too! (Excuse my use of the golden hand. Unfortunately I don't really have a replica of *that* Olympic Torch to hold. 😂 ) Also a MASSIVE thank you to @secigrams for the Ten coat! I'm glad to say that finally, after so many years I own one now, and I love it! ^_^ #DoctorWho  #DoctorWhoCosplay  #TenthDoctor  #TenthDoctorCosplay  #10thDoctor  #10thDoctorCosplay  #Cosplay  #DavidTennant  #DWCosplay  #DoctorWhoCostume  #FearHer 


  1. a_pan_in_a_van

    A DW x Crystal Maze crossover would be great. The TARDIS lands in the actual Crystal Maze but it's not a TV Show. The team would have to be: The Doctor, Companion, Captain Jack, River and Nardol.

  2. secigrams

    You're looking spectacular in it Dom! <3

  3. elizabethcartercosplay

    Love the hand 😂😂

  4. universalpond

    Haha fabulous!

  5. damien_greef

    You know I think the hand works better. It’s like “Bye Isolus” Get the f*** off my planet 😂😂

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