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Cleaning paid off today with lots of found treasures and less gymnsatics required to get around the room. Found 10 more Midgetoys, a bunch of Tootsietoys, a Kraft Conway truck, Autocar Diesel and International truck emblems from the side of the hoods, NOS Auto-Lite spark plugs, the Tootsietoy lighted sign, the creepy head picture made out of bodies, a Proto hand drill in the box, and the Robo the Fan. #oldtoy  #vintagetoy  #vintagediecast  #tootsietoys  #tootsietoy  #midgetoy  #midgetoys 


  1. brianwithaneye1

    Love the head picture & I have the robot fan in my space collection /-)

  2. gregnrachel

    Cool diecast station

  3. wanderlustvintagetrailers

    Omg are those old planes I see?!

  4. porsche_808


  5. aj_hwdiecast

    Any of those u want to send to virginia?

  6. junctionvcollectables

    The robot fan is cute

  7. diecastspeedway

    Robo the Fan would make R2D2 jealous!

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