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@forrest.galante finally got some time in the water during his world travels to shoot himself a nice halibut. Put his custom #gameknives Fillet to work🐟🔪.
. #fillet #filletknife #halibut #california #freedive #spearfishing #customknives #custom #leatherwork #leathercraft #leather #woodworking #steel #fillets #fish #caughtnotbought


  1. the_hungry_hunter

    That's a thing of beauty

  2. jimnelson

    Another fine custom knife from Gameknives doing the job! Great work!

  3. archives_leather

    Super nice !

  4. essense10s

    Only if I could do this

  5. _texasmade85_

    Hello, I'd like to mediate between you and a friend of mine. I know life can get in the way of orders and business. It seems that he has tried to contact your company on several platforms and has been unsuccessful. He also has screenshots of conversations and amounts that were paid to your company for a couple of knives. I would like to at the very least get the product owed or his money returned.

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