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They killed their own officer on some inside job shit and tried to blame my boy for it years later. Both of them were ritually sacrificed by the freemasonic satanic poloce department. And then they were offering an insanely high amount for the reward too knowing they would never have to pay. It was over 100k....RIP to da lil homie Shawn!! Shawn Sherwin Labeet=💯 Miami Dade County Police=100. This happened on 9/13 or 13/9/07 was reported that he shot 4 cops Killing 1 injuring the other 3. The license Plate they showed was W59 EPT... Miami-Dade=59 Negro=59. W-- EPT=17/19/44 Cops=17/19 Shot=17/19 Black Pontiac=44 Kill=44 Shooting=44!! They said he was found 30 miles away. Police=30/33/30 this was 30 weeks and 3 days (30 and 33) from his last birthday or 213 days Which was on 2/13!! Or you could write it as 13/2 midnight=132 it was reported they found him in Pembroke Pines and he was killed just before midnight! They said he used an AK-47 Shawn Labeet=47!! THEY STAMP ALL THEYRE WORK WITH THE 47 AND THE 33 THE 2 MOST COMMONLY USED #'S BY FREEMASONS ALONG WITH 13 AND 74. This is real news story and a real person. He was a friend of mine. Setup by the Freemasons of Amerikkka pushing racism and gun control. #fuckemall  #kingswings  #wakeuprojek  #whoarryou  #notanigga  #championsonly  #firewitfire  #fakenews  #PROPAGANDA  #racewar  #civilwar  #miami  #dade  #305  #sofla