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I tried some new stuff last night and failed A LOT. The leg lifts were completely new and I was so intimidated by them. "What if I'm not strong enough to do them?" HELLO TAREVA THATS WHY YOU'RE AT THE GYM. ---👉🏾 for entire workout! • • I was really proud of the variation and stamina I had last night. This was the close of my 90 min workout after an hour of cardio while absorbed in Seinfeld. 🤷🏾‍♀️ Whatever gets the job done! • • I hope seeing a body like mine working out will help you know you can do this. Start small. Modify workouts to what you can do and always stay encouraged!• • • • #bootygoals  #WorkingOut  #KeepGoinf  #LoveYourself  #LosingWeight  #GettingStronger  #Cardio  #Weights  #weightlossjourney  #WeightlossNYC  #FatGirlFitness  #Curvy  #HealthyWomen  #healthylifestyle  #healthyeating  #Whole30Day3  #BlackHealth  #BlackFitness  #GettingFit  #LosingFat  #BellyFat  #Cleanse  #FitnessTraining 


  1. fleurlas

    Yes!!!! Love that your pushing boundaries and trying new things!!!

  2. hairandcobklyn

    Awesome profile

  3. rachelwigington

    You really are so inspiring, Tareva! I've been trying to break out of my shell at the gym lately too and try things that I usually avoid. I love seeing your posts.

  4. justdoit.100

    Keep up the great work

  5. rozgoldberg


  6. williamriii

    Yessss i love this

  7. filip_mursic

    👍 👍

  8. ballenf09

    Get it girl!!!🙌🙌💃💪👍👍

  9. strikengfitness

    Yes! So inspirational. We would love to have you join our fitness contest 💪🏾