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-Old vs New Textures, in Level 8 (Dark Cellar/ Dark Basement) - old Textures (left) & more: The Textures in this Level from my selfmade Game 'Ghost World 3D 2' had only a low Resolution of 128x128 and 256x256 Pixel, but watched nonetheless/regardless good. I don't have thinking about, if the Wall-Texture is realistic for a Cellar or not. I found it look ok, and that was enough in the past. . You can see there the Ammo for the Fireball-Weapon too: The 2 Boxes with the red Borders . Look Picture 2&3 'fast' to see 'moving' the red dots (Ghosts) in the Minimap too. . Other as in my 'Old vs New Textures' Post's before, the game is here in a 'Sandbox-Mode' (Testmode with for example very much Lives (95), Money (9004 $), Ammo and all Minimap- & Ghostscanner Updates). . . new Textures (right & 3.Picture): I've tried to find more realistic Textures for a Cellar. You can see the Result best in the 3.Picture, because it's with light. This Textures have a higher Texture-Resolution with 1024x1024 & 1200x1200 Pixels. . . I now changed the Textures in 31 from 33 Levels. Only 2 more Levels to Texture new and so on, and then i'm ready with the Level-Textures. But i 'must' change other Textures too: For Example in the 8 World-Screens & the 9 Skyboxes (some Planets for example). . . Links sind die alten & rechts die neuen Texturen für das 8.Level (Dunkler Keller) meines selbstgemachten PC-Spiels Ghost World 3D 2. . Da ich schon in 31 von max 33 Levels die Texturen austauschte, bin ich mit den Texturaustausch für die Levels bald fertig. Allerdings werde ich auch noch an manchen Texturen in den 8 Weltbildschirmen & mindestens 9 Skyboxen arbeiten usw (z.B. Planeten-Grafiken). . Mehr Infos über den Texturaustausch dieses Levels siehe weiter oben im Text (aber vorerst/dauerhaft nur in Englisch). . #change  #textureexchange  #oldvsnew  #newvsold  #Cellar  #Basement  #Level  #ammunition  #ammo  #sandboxmode  #textures  #graphics  #gamegraphics  #gamedesign  #leveldesign  #gamedevelopment  #gamedev  #indiegamedev  #indiedev  #gameproduction  #programminglife  #ghostworld3d2  . #texturen  #grafiken  #texturaustausch  #vorhernachher  #Keller  #Munition 


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    I love this, cats and bunnies love this as well. 💜🐰