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Practicing water drop photography! CJ needed patience (& a good stomach) for this one.💧 #HeLooksSoStubby #WhichWayIsUp


  1. adsdailyphoto

    This looks soo good. Congrats. 😃😃

  2. ebearlt

    W💙W 💦

  3. ginta

    This is the nicest one!

  4. general_sneers

    This is fantastic! 👌

  5. therealgrim619

    That's intense! I'm gonna have to try that out 👌

  6. mirabelleandfriends

    Oh wow!! This is FANTASTIC! I've tried to achieve this but it's always wrong! What a dude!

  7. joecow

    💧Wowsers! Epically cool!💧

  8. i_am_pixlady

    So totally your are on to something very exciting.way to go.can't wait to see where it takes you.

  9. ottodobbie


  10. therealgrim619

    Well that patience definitely paid off, well worth the wait if you ask me. I'll be sure to credit you with the idea if I'm able to pull it off lol

  11. phil_korn

    Oh my world! This is such a decent work, Chris! My best to ya 💦💦💦💪😉😃💙