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Still need to trim the edges. #vacationtime


  1. yourfavouritecolor

    This is beautiful!!

  2. nicolewaszak

    Thank you @theunwalled

  3. nicolewaszak

    Thank you @linnea_strid it's a little bit of a different palette for me... trying out new things :)

  4. aliasmith

    Wow, that looks incredible

  5. aliasmith

    So bright and clear 😍

  6. nicolewaszak

    @aliasmith thank you. I was just thinking about you yesterday 💗 I was trying to think who I know that might be good to teach me conversational Spanish... one day... when there's "extra" time 😂

  7. girlpink6

    Always love how the backgrounds (or in this case...trim) matches the fabric of her clothing.

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