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-Old vs New Textures, Level 5 - . The fifth Level is the entry into Professor Ghowo's House. . new Textures (right): While i thing about which sort of Textures i take as new Textures, I've thing, this Level have to look science-fiction, scientific or Nerd-like (because it's in the House of a Professor). . But i don't had or found this sort of Textures fast. That's why i use instead Textures, that look technical/electronic or futuristic. The Ground-Texture is the same as before, but in higher Resolution (512x512 instead of 128x128 or 256x256 Pixel). The other Textures have a Resolution of 1200x1200 Pixel. . . old Textures (left): Because of the very easy to made ceiling- or pillars-/columns Texture some could thing, that this Textures were only Placeholders for future & better Textures. But this is not (only in this Level) right. The true Reason is: While i in the past made the Levels, i was concentrated on how to build the Levels (where i place walls, Ghosts and other Things). I have not thought very much about the right Textures. I found the look of the Textures realy ok at this time. . But now i work only on the Texture Change self, and not on other Things like for example Levelbuilding or Programming. I also watch on more Things as in the past: For example, that the most Textures normally don't look washed out & don't have seam's (Tilleable Textures). . My Plan is, that near every Level have preponderant other Textures as all the other Levels. But i'm not sure, if i can reach this target. But for my so far made Texture-Changes (17 from 33 Levels) i've reached it. . . Tip: In this game is a lot of my electronic Music, that i produced earlier (Indie-Music/unusual but nice or cool sounding Songs). For example Track 32 'Dream Land.mp3' (look at the bottom right side in the Screenshot). . . #change  #textureexchange  #oldvsnew  #newvsold  #Level  #textures  #graphics  #gamegraphics  #textureresolution  #gamedesign  #leveldesign  #gamedevelopment  #gamedev  #indiegamedev  #indiedev  #gameproduction  #programminglife  #ghostworld3d2  #Selfmade  #electronic  #indie  #music 


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